Copper Terminal/Inner Strips

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Copper Terminal/Inner Strips

The copper terminal is designed to offer fast current dissipation without the requirement of maintenance. It can be easily installed on-site at most suitable for electrode condition having pH value between 5.0 & 8.0. The moisture booster also provides low earthing resistance.

Qualities of our Copper Terminal/Inner Strips:

  • Many mounting options available through flanges or snap-in feet
  • The wiring is easily done through the front or side entry terminal blocks.
  • The terminal blocks use the push-button on any of the sides.
  • It consumes the nominal voltage (264 Series): 800 V
  • It covers a wide area and available in versions for Ex e II applications

safe earthing electrode

We are engaged in providing excellent quality range of chemical earthing electrode to our reputed clients. This is tested by our quality controllers in order to dispatch flawless range at client's.

To have a good earth resistance has always been a problem in soil of proof electrical conductivity. This grounding improvement product is designed to reduce the soil resistivity locally.

Maintenance free safe earthing electrode byutilinzing metal alloys and natural chemical composition. The safe earthing electrode is able to provide a multifacted proactive earthing protection strategy.

Earthing is very important area of electrical engineering maintenance. Generally people forget about earthing once it is installed, on one check it unless and until something goes wrong.