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Copper Bonded Rod

The copper bonded rods offer your housing system protection from lightning stroke. It is created to offer better technology, low carbon rods, high stretchable strength, steel core and pure copper that creates a metallurgical bond.

We offer you some broad range of copper bonded rods of varying sizes and colour that suits your budget as well as grounding systems needs.

Qualities of our Copper Bonded Rod:

  • It is the most cost-effective system.
  • It is based on internationally accepted technology
  • Different models offer need related to customer requirements
  • Ideal for all types of soil
  • Run for life long and easy to install
  • Long life and easy installation
  • Greater resistance to rust

safe earthing electrode

We are engaged in providing excellent quality range of chemical earthing electrode to our reputed clients. This is tested by our quality controllers in order to dispatch flawless range at client's.

To have a good earth resistance has always been a problem in soil of proof electrical conductivity. This grounding improvement product is designed to reduce the soil resistivity locally.


Maintenance free safe earthing electrode byutilinzing metal alloys and natural chemical composition. The safe earthing electrode is able to provide a multifacted proactive earthing protection strategy.


Earthing is very important area of electrical engineering maintenance. Generally people forget about earting once it is installed, on one check it unless and until something goes wrong.